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Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café

Nom Nom: Cozy Forest Café - Anaïs Salla IndieDevDay Interview

Coming from Minabo vegetables, game designer Anaïs Salla is solo developing this laid-back game about food, rhythm, and decoration, and here we took good note of all its ingredients about this while it remains in the oven cooking up for a 2024 release.

Audio transcription

"Hi friends, we are at the IndieDevDay in Barcelona and you can hear my belly because I haven't eaten yet but you have already and we're gonna talk about this Nom Nom game which is of course about eating and about something more so what can you tell us about this specific mix of genres that you guys have here thank you so much for joining us. So it's a rhythm and decoration game it's a little bit of a note to the early 2000 flash games so when you used to go to the Barbie web page and play dress up and decoration and it doesn't have a lot of confrontation so it's not a confrontational game it's not a hard game it's just a game to enjoy and enjoy food and cooking and talking to the animals. And what can you tell us is going on on a screen right now?
He's decorating the cookies right now he's choosing sugar toppings and icing and the color of the dough and you can choose a lot of things it's going to be there's going to be a lot of different dishes and beverages so it's going to be coffee waffles, crepes, boba tea. The animals will teach you how to make them and you have to cook them with a rhythm minigame before decorating them and and then you you can serve them there's going to be a you're going to have a website of your own cafeteria and you can share the pictures that you take there. And tell us a bit more about the minigames and how they are based on rhythm. Yeah they are rhythm minigames and you can cook the dish that you're preparing so in the cookies minigame you have to whisk the dough and the eggs and then you have to roll with a roller and then you have to use the cookie cutter and that's all synchronized to the music and then you can get to decorating. And what about I mean you you you perform these minigames and then what about the results does it matter that that you are terrible at the minigames and then and then you get a horrible food that you cannot eat?
If you score less than 60-70% you're going to get a little bit of a mixed review from the animal because he will notice that there were there were problems in the kitchen so it's not going to be a harsh game it's not going to be punishing and you can try again if you want so if you mess up in the rhythm minigame you can just try again and try to get a better result and do it again."

"In my mind it is a little bit like Animal Crossing meets Cooking Mama so what do you think about you know we were playing a lot of cooking games in the Nintendo DS and Wii era but they are no longer around do you think that there is a demand for this sort of games that that you guys are chasing that opportunity in a way? Yeah I think there's a lot of missed opportunities there because there was a lot of pink games they were called games that market more for girls and I think that every kid enjoys them so I think that there's a missing market right now it's they are not feeling that market so I think that we should try to give those children and the people that enjoy creativity more than conflict and that war and we don't need to have all the games to be shooters and happen in space so I think that we should try to make a little bit more of cooking fashion and let the people just have fun with games instead of instead of having them solve problems. And you're the solo developer here but you have a background that we know about so what can you tell us about your background and your sort of journey until developing this game on your own?
So I'm a game designer for DevilishGames we have recently launched Minabo in April and it's experimental in the game about life it's a little bit of a life sim walking simulator with turnips it's a little bit weird but it talks a lot about life and death and interpersonal relationships and it's a little bit of a special game and people seem to enjoy it a lot. What was your role in that project? I was a game designer. On that too, okay. Yeah I work for Devilish I am a game designer. Anything from that project that you sort of are that inspired you to bring here or are you are you sort of sending any message about life here? So Minabo was very deep in its message right so I think that here I'm trying to be more uplifting yeah because it as I said it talks a lot about death and relationships so here you can establish relationships with the customers and make friends with them but it's not going to be so deep yeah. And what's the status of the project? It looks like it has many things to it already and it's working nicely already so when can we expect to play it and on which platforms? Hopefully in the first quarter of 2024 and it's going to be on Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox and mobile platforms. And it's going to be published by Devilish or how does that work? Published by DevilishGames and made by me."

"It's fine thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much."





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