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A closer look at JBL Quantum 910P, 910X, 360P, 360X, and TWS Air

We caught up with JBL by Harman German head of marketing Roland Melz to learn more about the manufacturer's newer headsets for PlayStation and Xbox consoles, as well as about the lighter, more affordable gaming earbuds released this year.

Audio transcription

"Alright, we're at Gamescom 2023 and you know, it's the always noisy, always interesting to take a look at JBL booth and last year we learned about the Quantum 910, thank you so much for joining us Roland and it was like new wireless model that we enjoyed, new features, it had the head tracking and it could be wireless at the same time and we've been enjoying that headset for a while now, but this year you guys are all about consoles and we have several models coming from the 910, dedicated to consoles, both PlayStation and Xbox So what can you tell us, starting with the 910P?
So this year we're proud to be back at Gamescom of course and to make an evolution and make a footstep within the console area and make people aware about our great products, about the compatibility that our products have with console as well We decided to launch a dedicated range which is designed to work best with consoles starting with this beautiful product which is the 910P, so the evolution of the 910 for PC The 910P of course, except the color coding which matches with the color of the PlayStation 5 brings in for PlayStation players the first time our amazing head tracking technology which works on PlayStation via the 2.4 gigahertz USB dongle flawlessly which brings in 360 spatial audio to PlayStation which is almost competing with the experience you would have on a PC with the 7.1 quantum sphere As there is no quantum engine available for PlayStation, we built in everything within the headset to make those features I've been talking about available for PlayStation of course So for example in terms of that 360 head tracking you can switch it on and off on the headset itself?
Yes, it works exactly the same way that it works on PC All right, and then P and Y is for PlayStation, X and green is for… Correct, and that is for good reason, thanks for mentioning that We have the brother of the 910P which is called the 910X Except of the color coding, this nice headset brings in a feature that those two don't have because this one is officially licensed by Microsoft and of course you know better than me The reason why we're doing it is that this one works flawless, wireless with the Xbox consoles as well So you don't need to plug in any cables into your Xbox controller to be connected to the console Plug in the 2.4 gigahertz USB dongle in the Xbox and connect flawlessly low latency with the 910X Fantastic, and then we move on to two other models that are perhaps not so much top of the line but that are more accessible, more affordable for users both in PlayStation and Xbox version Correct, so those two we've just been seeing is the top-notch and then with the same methodology and the same logic The mid-price range for enjoying wireless 2.4 gigahertz low latency gaming on PlayStation is the 360P and it is an evolution to the 350 that we launched for PC but it adds in Bluetooth and play and charge which the old PC model called 350 does not have So you can play and charge and you have dual connect With a USB-C cable?
No, you have dual connect wirelessly which means you plug it into your PlayStation via the USB dongle to have low latency sound and at the same time connect your phone via Bluetooth to the headset So I'm privately using it to call my phone and to call my son while he's playing PlayStation so I can always reach him And this is just the Xbox version of the same model, 360X?
Correct, 360X, same methodology, same logic and the same logic as on the 910X Microsoft licensed so it works flawlessly, really wireless with all Xbox models All right, now that you mentioned the dongle, something that I've been doing a lot We've talked about both Xbox and PlayStation Something that I enjoyed personally is with the Quantum TWS With the original ones I enjoyed those on the Switch Because there's no lag and you plug into the USB-C port And it's much better than the Bluetooth connection for you to get no lag, right?
But recently you had another model which are the..."

"I have them already I am reviewing those for Game Reactor So these are the Quantum TWS Air It's a smaller version, lighter version and it's no stick, right?
So what can you tell us about these?
Because they're under the glass but I brought my own So of course we keep the dongle What can you tell us about these compared to the original Quantum TWS?
So since we've been getting a lot of good feedback about the original Quantum TWS We've decided to launch a model that is more accessible from a price point So there's a 50 euro price difference to the Quantum TWS That's why they're called Air It brings in the same technology than the Quantum TWS So it's compatible with the Quantum engine You have the USB-C dongle It's dual connect again which means you can either connect Bluetooth Or via the dongle And the example you mentioned is something that a lot of users actually like When they use the in-ears to play Nintendo Switch Before going into menus, look for Bluetooth Plug in the dongle into your Nintendo Switch And you are directly connected, low latency and it goes like this So perhaps the main difference is all about the hardware and the noise cancellation Correct, a little bit about the features So only four microphones for speaking instead of six No active noise cancelling But it's a very good entry price point which brings a lot of good features And they fit, spoiler alert from my review They fit crazy good in your ear compared to previous models These all out from the box, they fit me So that's amazing, so that's all about the design itself Alright, so we got some details about JBL's gaming line-up Quantum gaming line-up So that's it for this Gamescom Thank you so much for your time Roland And check out the reviews on Game Reactor"





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