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Zero Sievert

Hunting Pixelated Monstrosities in the Apocalypse - Zero Sievert Interview

We spoke with Luca Carbonera, Lead Developer at CABO Studio, who first designed Zero Sievert as a hobby and is now looking to make his mark on the post-apocalyptic subgenre with an action-packed extraction shooter.

Audio transcription

"Hello, we're back at Gamescom with Zero Sievert's developer Luca.
Luca, this game is a lot. It's got a lot of factions, it's got a lot of fun gameplay, it's got a lot of action and you developed this mostly by yourself as a hobby, correct?
Yeah, exactly. The development of the game started about three and a half years ago as a hobby because I've always been interested in developing and what is basically behind the video games."

"So, since when I was in high school I started messing around with game engine, trying to make some small video game but with this one it was different because when I started to make it I started basically sharing the game, videos and images on Reddit, YouTube and people liked it so I was like, yeah, maybe I will continue developing it.
After a while when I had a playable version of the game I started to give it for free on the Discord community so people really enjoyed it so I was like, yeah, maybe I should try a Kickstarter campaign and the Kickstarter campaign was not going so well because as a thing that I learned after, marketing is very important so no one was knowing the game but I sent some emails to YouTubers to make a video of the game and one of them was Splattercat Gaming and he made a video of the game and the next day the campaign was found and also the Skyrocket and it exceeded by a lot the target of the goal of the campaign and after that I went full time on the game. It was a very surprise."

"It was one of those moments I guess just where everything worked out.
What led you to creating a game within this setting then?
I've always been a huge fan of the Stalker atmosphere, so Stalker games, Metro games, Escape from Tarkov and I really like the Eastern European settings, so the kind of post-apocalyptic setting so I was like, this is the setting for a video game, it fits so well and there is a huge fan, a huge and loyal fan for this type of post-apocalyptic setting so I was like, people would really like a game like this because I really like a game like this by myself so I think they would like too and in fact it was like this, yeah."

"I mean, could you talk a bit more about the sort of gameplay?
How deep can we go with the factions and what depth is there to the combat?
The approach is like, I always like kind of hardcore and tactical games so my approach is to basically make 2D games more tactical than possible, can be possible."

"It's very difficult and tricky to make 2D games tactical but I'm trying my best and it's working and another thing is, as you mentioned, the faction system is like, the most important part of Zero Sievert is the atmosphere to increase the atmosphere of the game you have to make the game world alive or feeling alive so having different factions fighting each other is a big pro for the game and also the player may take part of this fighting or not at all so it's like the world is continuing, is living even without your action so this is I think the best part, so creating something that increases the atmosphere of the game basically."

"Luca, it sounds great, it looks great, when can we expect to see a version 1.0 release?
Because it is in early access now and what platforms will it be on?
For now the only platform that is confirmed is Steam, so Windows Steam and we still don't have it for the 1.0 because we have a roadmap but it's basically a rough roadmap because I'm working alone with another person so planning a huge roadmap is kind of difficult because if I get sick for two weeks, you cannot plan so much in the future so you go two, three months in the future and then you continue this way I don't know what it will be when the 1.0 will be but definitely next year."

"Okay, perfect. Luca, thank you so much for your time.
Thank you."





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