Headbangers: Rhythm Royale

Headbangers: Rhythm Royale (Gamescom 2023) - Don’t stop the party!

You've heard a lot about this title but don't quite know what to expect, or how it can be both a rhythm title and a battle royale at the same time? Well, take a look at our impressions video to get a better understanding of the title and discover how much fun you can have with it.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video.
I think I'm doing this every time even weirder if it's possible.
But, how are you?
Welcome to a brand new video in which today we're going to talk about a game that I'm sure you've heard about or at least maybe you've seen a trailer of it or something like that."

"But I'm sure that you heard about it somehow.
We're going to talk about Headbangers, ok?
And I don't know if you felt the same but it just grabbed my attention so fast.
I don't know if it grabbed yours."

"But basically we're talking about a light-hearted rhythm battle royale game where you and other 29 pigeons compete against each other basically to complete your quest of claiming the title of Master Headbanger, ok?
I must admit that when I read the description of the title and when I saw the trailer well, the announcement trailer, no, when it was firstly announced I didn't really understand how we were going to compete in a rhythm game."

"I mean, usually this kind of rhythm games are complemented with another genre or they're like a mechanic inside another kind of game or basically it becomes an arcade title where we can basically complete levels if we follow the rhythm.
But I asked myself, how could they put together a rhythm game with a battle royale?
But well, thanks to my visit to the Team17 booth at Gamescom 2023 you're welcome, by the way I was able to find out what was all this about, ok?
And how a rhythm game fits into a battle royale Surprisingly, it makes a lot more sense than I thought it would because as soon as you start playing the game you realize that they've taken a lot of inspiration from Fall Guys as it basically follows the same gameplay we compete in different mini-games and we will have to get a higher score or we won't have to be eliminated, ok?
if we want to reach the final round and get the victory and basically, as expected, these mini-games are all about following the rhythm but the truth is that I think they've adapted very well these competitive mini-games with the typical games in which we just have to follow the rhythm I mean, in some of them we will just have to hit the right notes to the rhythm to be able to advance in a race, for example or probably to be able to finish the symphony of a song or maybe we just have to hit the right notes to be able to finish a kind of yoga class without making a fool of ourselves or we will even have to guess what kind of instrument is playing if we want to go on to the next round In general, there's a wide variety of mini-games and all of them are equally fun although some of them are more difficult than others but obviously this will be correlated to the trial that we're in I mean, the first trials or the first mini-games will be easier, obviously and as we advance to the grand final they will become more and more complicated every time but don't worry, you don't have to be a virtuoso or an ace musician to just qualify in this competition I would say that you just have to pay attention and have a good timing well, good timing and a good time in general just to have fun because they're so hilarious, they're so funny they're so insane and random mini-games that I'm sure that you're going to have fun just playing them and well, all that and also take advantage of all the opportunities that we have to get objects and bonus rounds because throughout each mini-game some objects will appear and if we take them, they can give us even more points or they can annoy our opponents or sometimes annoy us but this, as well as the difficulty of the different mini-games goes a little bit in correlation with how we're doing in the game because if we're the last one and we take a bonus object it will always be a positive bonus but if you're leading the game, well the game may want to balance the competition a little and then taking that object will probably harm you more than benefit you so take that in mind if you're leading the competition in addition, I would also say that this game is not only striking, weird and crazy just for the fact that it mixes Battle Royale genre with a breathing game because, well, visually it's undeniable eye-catching but it's not only that okay, because just like it happens in Fall Guys as I've said that they've inspired themselves a lot on this title we can customize our pigeons as we please I mean, there are many customization objects and many body parts that we can customize at will to create the most striking, ridiculous or coolest pigeon of all the competition that's up to you but you can expect to see crazy creations in every game that make no sense at all or you may be surprised by some clothing that reminds you of a Team17 game there will be surprises and accessories that reference different publishers' games so just keep that in mind and try to search all the references and well, don't worry about these accessories because there's not going to be any microtransactions they will be like a kind of, not a season pass but you'll unlock different accessories and different things while you play but all of them are unlockable just by playing all of them, so don't worry for that you'll be able to just get that accessory from your favorite Team17 game that you were looking for a long time ago don't worry and well, just in conclusion I can only say that I really enjoyed playing this insane Battle Royale and I can wait to just play it with my friends to laugh at how bad we're following the rhythm or just to comment on the musical references we find throughout different minigames as I haven't said it but much of the music in the game is inspired by very recognizable songs and artists that will make us smile when we realize what the reference is on more than one occasion I mean, I'm sure that you're going to say oh, it's this song, oh my god, I love it, however or I hate this song or whatever but you're going to recognize most of them so it's going to be funny and there are no excuses because whether you want to enjoy the title on PC, on Switch, on PlayStation or on Xbox there's no reason to not play it with your friends as the title features crossplay and you'll be able to customize your games as you play it so you don't have to play with random people if you don't want to so, that's it the game's all up to you you can play however you want to you can customize your things however you want to you just have to enjoy and try to get to the final and win the game and make your friends just lose the game by taking those bonuses, items and I don't know, I think it's going to be funny just to, well, annoy your friends but try to follow the rhythm you have to pay attention to a lot of things, ok?
so keep that in mind because maybe you're going to get crazy once you end the game but I laughed a lot when I played it so don't worry for that so you just have to listen to lots of music and prepare your musical ear and you can start doing it now because this October 31st you will need it to give it all on the dance floor or maybe in a yoga class or who knows where else you never know with this game because everything's so crazy so there you have it, my guys I hope you've enjoyed my very own impressions as I've said a really weird but crazy title that you just, well that you're just going to play for having fun for just trying to reach the better score to just realizing how different musical references there are in the game I don't know, you're just going to have fun you're going to enjoy it and I'm sure that you're going to have a lot of fun when you play it so give it a try, stay tuned for more news about the game and obviously give it a check once it's officially released this October 31st so there you have it thank you so much for being here thank you so much for just watching another of our Gamescom Impressions video see you in the next one there are coming some really cool and interesting titles so stay tuned, my guys see you soon, thank you for everything and as always hugs and kisses to all of you bye-bye"





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