Cities: Skylines II

Designing the city of your dreams - Interview with Colossal Order in Cities Skylines II

In addition to testing our skills with Cities Skylines II, we were able to chat for a moment with studio CEO Mariina Hallikainen about the new features introduced in the sequel, such as the seasonal cycle, the trading system and the happiness meter for inhabitants.

Audio transcription

"Hi Gamereactor friends, I'm Alberto Garrido and I'm here at the Gamescom in the Plaion booth with...
Mariina Hallikainen CEO and Collosal Order, developers of Cities Skylines II and thank you so much for joining us today."

"Of course, thank you.
I also played Cities Skylines II. I did my very very first city, not a pretty one but it's kind of functional.
And I want to ask you about the biggest highlights in this sequel, right?
Of course, so compared to the first one, Cities Skylines II actually has quite a few new features."

"For example the seasons, so that actually really affects the look of the city and how it functions.
So during the winter there's actually snow and basically that affects how you want to build the city.
The other thing is that the simulation is much deeper so it brings a lot of new detail as well as gives the player a lot of variation how they want to build their cities."

"And one of the highlights I still want to mention is the upgradable buildings.
Whereas in the first game you would have to plop the same kind of like hospitals all over the city.
But now you can actually have more patient capacity for example just by adding an extension to the existing service building.
And so building upgrades affects the relation with the citizens."

"The second season thing is important because it's a new feature. How can it affect the winter for example?
So essentially if you think about a city during the winter there's a lot of need for heating.
So you have to make sure that you have enough power coming to the city.
So also when it snows the snow accumulates on the roads."

"So if you don't actually clear the roads from the snow it will get slippery and you will have more traffic accidents.
Okay and well where can we expect to see Cities Skylines 2 and which platforms?
Yeah of course so essentially the game is coming out on the 24th of October.
And it's coming out on PC as well as a Windows PC as well as Xbox Series S and X and PS5."

"Okay so thank you so much for joining.
You're welcome."





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