Expeditions: A MudRunner Game

Off the Beaten Path - Expeditions: A MudRunner Game Interview

We caught up with Saber Interactive's Oliver Hollis-Leick to learn more about the upcoming MudRunner spin-off during our time in Cologne for Gamescom 2023.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor.
You might not be able to tell where we are by the background here, it's quite a neutral setting this time.
But we're still at the Focus booth, I'm here once again with Oliver."

"This time we're talking about Expeditions, a MudRunner game.
Now this is a follow-up to SnowRunner, not like a direct sequel or anything like that, but it's a follow-up to the next part of that series.
Tell us a little bit about this game, what can we expect to be happening in Expeditions, a MudRunner game?
So the nice thing about Expeditions is, if you've played SnowRunner, you know it's a very intense simulation game about climbing difficult terrain, moving around, moving vehicles."

"So where Expeditions differs is it's creating a more adventurous spirit.
So in this one you're using technology to find particular objectives, could be things like mineral deposits, going through lost ruins and deep dense jungles and arid rocky deserts, all in the name of science really."

"So it's much more themed with the adventurous pioneer spirit.
And it's a little bit different to the way that SnowRunner works, isn't it?
It's more mission-based gameplay, it's designed in a way that's better to accommodate new players, correct?
Is that the sort of design element to it?
It's a bit more intuitive."

"So you've got a base camp, you work to improve that base camp in terms of facilities and technologies and personnel.
Each of those will allow you to build up on your roster of vehicles and go out and complete these missions.
And tell us a little bit about the biomes then, because there's three main ones.
One of them, if I'm right in saying, is more of a prologue sort of place."

"But they're all very different, right? So tell us a little bit about them.
So you've got sort of an introductory biome, which is where you learn the ropes.
And after that you're faced with two main biomes.
One of them is in the arid desert, a very rocky terrain, difficult landscape."

"And the other one is a much more lush green rivers and mud and all that sort of type of landscape.
And what about some of the new mechanics that you can use in this game?
Because there's different things like the echo sounder that allows you to see the depth of water.
How can we expect these to affect the gameplay?
So these extra sort of equipment modes allow you to use things like drones to, let's say you climb to the top of a peak."

"You have limited visibility of the route that you need to get to your objective.
You launch your drone, pilot it around, turn around, chart out your landscape and find your own route down this terrain.
But you can also spot kind of equipment drops that you hadn't seen, hidden objectives, things like that.
You also have things like binoculars and a jack to help flip you over if you get stuck."

"The echo sound is great so you can locate these mineral deposits and stuff like that.
And you can also build up and improve these tools over time to get more and more usability out of them.
And when we were checking out a presentation of the game earlier, it was mentioned that it's playing on a new version of the engine that the whole series is based on."

"So how is that allowing you to realize and improve this sort of, I don't want to say simulation, but this sort of very simulated experience?
It's challenging to master the driving mechanics in this game. So how is the new engine allowing you to further realize this game?
I think what the new engine does is it allows us to do more.
So the simulation that we had in the previous game was already very good."

"But the new engine allows us to do things like the added abilities, the drones, the base camp, things like the echo sound.
So it just allows us to expand the range of possibility.
And with this being a sort of follow-up to SnowRunner, a little bit off topic, but what's next for SnowRunner?
Are you going to continue supporting that game or is it all the focus now on Expeditions and MudRunner game?
SnowRunner is a well-loved game with a big fan base and it's definitely our intention to continue to support that."

"Will there be any crossovers between the two?
That's not for me to say right now.
Okay, well there's a final question then.
What's one of the things that you're really excited for people to see for themselves in Expeditions and MudRunner game?
What I love about Expeditions is your ability to take a bird's eye view on things."

"To sort of plot out a route and I like that it's all in the name of a cause this time.
It's sort of the pioneering scientific spirit.
You're building up this base camp with all these specialists with you.
So I think that is my favorite part of it."

"Well, Expeditions and MudRunner game is coming in 2024.
So expect to see that very soon.
Otherwise, as we said here, don't expect SnowRunner to go anytime soon either.
There's still plenty of that goodness coming as well."

"But yeah, you can learn more about this game soon on your local GameRantor region.
Otherwise, we'll see you all on the next interview.
Take care."





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