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Gran Turismo 7

Racing Dreams: Rallying in GT7 is insanely bad

In this weeks Racing Dreams-video Petter goes all out hating on the horrid rally-section of Gran Turismo 7.

Audio transcription

"Hey there everybody and welcome back to Racing Dreams right here at Gamereactor.
My name is Petter Hergevall and I am back in the Junior Mini Racing Rig, the console rig as we call it, that we built right here over at Gamereactor Sweden a couple of weeks back."

"And if you haven't seen the last kind of 2-3 clips that we made from in here, it's based on the Playseat Trophy Logitech Special Edition Rig, the Lite Free TV Stand from Next Level Racing and the LG OLED B365 inch TV, Logitech G Pro Direct Drive Wheel and Pedals, and the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation VR too."

"So no more than that and I'm back in Gran Turismo 7 and I'm funny enough doing the rallying in Gran Turismo 7 which I just wanted to do it and talk some shit about the game because even though I'm a fan of Gran Turismo and I like Gran Turismo 7 just as much as anybody, it's kind of a greedy game because everything is locked from the start."

"You need like 30 hours to unlock a reasonable amount of racing cars and also I think that the microtransactions for buying cars is insane, like 40 euros, 50 euros for cars that you could buy for 3 euros in Gran Turismo Sport if you didn't want to spend all those hours unlocking them."

"It's greedy, I don't like the structure of it, I think that Sony and Polyphony Digital has made so much money on this series that it doesn't sit right with me.
But regardless of that, the racing itself, especially in the GT3 cars, I like.
And this wheel, the Logitech G Pro Wheel is perfectly calibrated with the PlayStation 5 and Gran Turismo 7 and Gran Turismo Sport out of the box and that just feels good, True Force works well, it's not the best force feedback I would say, it lacks just feedback, especially in the core, in the center of the force feedback, it feels kind of dead."

"But this, I don't know, in contrast to the GT3 racing inside this game, the rallying is just horrendous.
This is the worst part of the game, it has always been the worst part of Gran Turismo and I just simply don't understand why it's made in this way, because of course Polyphony is super interested in racing and rallying and motorsports, they have a lot of knowledge of course, they have made, if you count the PSP and the PS Vita games and Gran Turismo Sport made 10 Gran Turismo games during the past 30 years, they're great at it, they're doing great stuff, the new physics update a couple of months back is great for Gran Turismo 7, but this is just horrible, it has nothing to do with rallying, no rallying in the world looks like this, I cannot understand the design of anything."

"Still, thanks for watching, see you again next week."





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