The Crew Motorfest

Ivory Tower on building a Hawaiian playground in The Crew: Motorfest

We caught up with a couple of developers from Ubisoft Ivory Tower to talk about the upcoming racing title, and how the team is looking to redefine The Crew experience.

Audio transcription

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor.
As you can probably tell from our background, today we're going to be talking about The Crew Motorfest.
Now, it's nearly here, but to learn more about the game, I'm here with Julien and Stéphane to talk about the game itself."

"We wanted with The Crew Motorfest to continue what we did with The Crew franchise, but going further and we focused a lot and worked a lot for The Crew Motorfest to deliver something unique regarding the car culture experiences and it's what we call The Playlists.
Why did you choose to go to Hawaii, Stéphane?
Yeah, we chose to go to Hawaii because for us it was the perfect place."

"It's really a playful playground where you can enjoy all types of vehicles so much easily.
It's really the perfect location for everyone.
You have so many different biomes to explore and discover.
You will race through the streets of Honolulu or just go and adventure deep through the lush rainforest or you will go to the volcano or to the beach."

"There's really so many places to discover, but for us it was the perfect place for The Playlists experience to use all this car culture diversity inside a beautiful island with beautiful graphics on all types of PCs.
It's really a beautiful engine that we developed now.
One of the entire stories and campaigns is based around Lamborghini, so what was the process of working with that Italian supercar brand?
Lamborghini was one of the brand manufacturers we worked with and we had the opportunity to work closely with them, with the Lamborghini Revuelto, the new supercar they are bringing to the world."

"When we delivered and we worked on the Automobili Lamborghini Playlists, we wanted to tell the story behind this brand from the first one, the Miura, until the last one, the Lamborghini Revuelto.
So we picked all the main iconic Lamborghini from every decade, the Contact, the Diablo, the Miura and of course the Revuelto to make sure that we were sharing to the players their story from the 60s to now."

"Soon, during this summer showcase, you will have more news about everything.
We had a good partnership with Red Bull and we had the opportunity to deliver the Red Bull 18, the championship car I would say, and it's the reward from the Motorsport Playlists.
So we wanted to make sure that you're joining a team and then choosing the right strategy when you are playing on all the racetracks."

"So for us, working with Red Bull was quite a good collaboration because we wanted to make sure that we had their car in the game, so not only the Red Bull 18 but other cars from Red Bull.
Tell me about these sort of gameplay mechanics you're introducing and why you decided to build entire sort of campaigns around them."

"There's plenty of many ways to enjoy all type of vehicles with gameplay breakthrough each time.
But not only with the artistic mood, with the audio, the context and the gameplay, it creates for you just a crafted unique experience through the playlist experience.
What sort of experiences do you have lined up for the open world?
You can explore the whole open world of Ohau and then just go from one activity to another."

"What was very important since the beginning on the development of this game for us was the density of all activities we are going to put in our open world.
So there you have always something to do when you are in Ohau.
You're connecting it with the crew too."

"You know, people who've played that game and built those massive garages, you can bring those cars to the crew motor fest.
So what's that process like? Is there any limit to what you can do there, Stephane?
No, no. You will be able to mostly import."

"Nice job moving one to another.
And really you will have this ability to bring all your, most of your garage inside the crew motor fest and really benefit from all your investments inside TC2, but directly in the crew motor fest."

"And it was for us very important to let all these players, all this community, which is really powerful, millions of players today playing TC2, bring their garage inside the crew motor fest.
With the game coming out soon, what is something from both of your perspectives that you're really excited to see people and players get their hands on in the crew motor fest?
I would say we are shaping this game for the past four years and we have a lot of tests with players in the studio or with the insider program."

"But finally, when you are releasing a game, you are proud of seeing all the players everywhere, playing what you crafted, what you shaped for them, enjoying and sharing their feedback to us to make sure that we are still working on the game, improving the formula and improving the overall experience."

"And for me, absolutely the same.
I'm so proud of what we delivered, but we will see our player will benefit from this experience.
It's a very diverse experience, through the competitions, the collections, the explorations, customization."

"The motor fest has so many things to offer to our players that we will see at launch how they will use it, how they will play with it.
And everyone is different, and motor fest proposes something for everyone."

"Well, there you have it.
Motor fest has something for everyone.
It will be coming soon. It's coming in September.
So until then, keep an eye on your local GameReactor region for more on the crew motor fest."

"Until next time, guys."

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