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Video game lifespans increased by 33% over 2022

Developers have been focused on keeping their titles around for longer.

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Games as a service have become increasingly popular over the years, and the annual Gaming Report from Unity has revealed that this has boomed even more over the course of 2022.

The report notes that the lifespan of games increased by 33% over the course of 2022, and that as for how long developers usually looked to keep their games updated, 84% of studios of 50+ people aimed for more than six months, whereas only 55% of indies that are smaller than this offered six months of support.

Despite this trend, mid-size developers (around 10-49 people) have also said that 49% of them find it challenging to retain players after launch. In terms of how retention is usually tackled, battle passes are still king here, although consumables are still very common. Gacha chests have dipped significantly however, and have been used less and less throughout 2022.

Video game lifespans increased by 33% over 2022

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