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League of Legends

Victory Five creeps into joint first place at the LPL Summer Split

The team secured its place at the top of the competition by shattering Top Esports' winning streak.

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It appears that Top Esports won't be riding out the LPL Summer Split unscathed as Victory Five was able to defeat them in the 2-1 at the start of the seventh week. We're are sure that tears were shed as the team's perfect streak of eight victories was momentously shattered.

With this latest loss, Top Esports has lost its secure lead in the competition as Victory Five have managed to sneak into joint first place. Victory Five shouldn't get too comfortable though as another victory from Top Esport will push them right back into second place.

We will see just how the pole position is altered when Top Esports faces off against Vici Gaming this Sunday at 4am CT.

Thanks, Dot Esports.

League of Legends
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