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Victoria 3

Victoria 3 has sold half a million copies

The game only debuted a month ago.

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Despite only launching a month ago, Paradox Interactive has announced that Victoria 3 has already achieved quite the impressive milestone. The video game has already sold half a million copies, which makes it one of the developers most successful launches of all-time.

To mark this moment, Paradox has released an infographic detailing some of the feats that players have achieved as well, including that the game has already been played for 14,623,631 hours (1669 years of total playtime), with 187 million technologies researched, 380,335 new countries founded, 126,263 Suez Canals and 39,982 Eiffel Towers constructed, and Prussia turned yellow on the map surprisingly only 83 total times.

Check out the infographic below for some extra eye-catching statistics, and be sure to keep playing the game as Paradox will be supporting it with new features and major updates down the line.

Victoria 3

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