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Victims of Fallout 76 loot-stealing hackers get their loot back

The players who were stripped down to their underpants due to hackers in Fallout 76 are getting their stuff back.

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In 2019, many Fallout 76 players became victims of a group of hackers that thought it would be great to steal all of their loot. Players were stripped down to their underpants and if that wasn't horrifying enough, they had all of their loot stolen. Now, Bethesda has come up with a fix for the victims to get their stuff back. The developers have, through customer service claims, added a mod of sorts, which rolls back the affected characters' states to where the items of loot still exist on their person, making it accessible for a safe trade.

Those affected have also been getting compensation in the form of Atoms (the games' premium currency) and Fallout 1st subscriptions (via VG247).

Were you affected by this hack?

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