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Dota 2

VGJ.Storm penalised for using 2 coaches in TI8 group stage draft

The team has responded to the decision.

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The group stage for The International 2018 - the biggest Dota 2 competition around - is already underway, but we've already seen some controversy, as Dota 2's own Twitter account has confirmed that Valve has penalised team VGJ.Storm for using too many coaches during the group stage draft.

"Today we learned that VGJ.Storm had used two coaches during their group stage drafts. When we asked VGJ.Storm, they said that they asked a PGL employee if they could have more in the draft, and he told them that he doesn't care as long as they left at the end of the draft," the thread reads. "We had clearly instructed all teams in the required players meeting that only 5 players and 1 coach were allowed in the competition room during the draft."

"We think this was likely a misunderstanding rather than malicious, however it is still their responsibility to follow the instructions provided like the other teams have. As such, we are applying penalties to just their first series of the Main Event; they will not be allowed to use a coach during the draft and will have a level 2 draft time penalty."

Team director for VGJ.Storm Jack Chen tweeted a response to this decision, saying:

"Regarding the coach situation: we were not sure if two coaches would be allowed during the draft. There's no ruleset where this is written, there are no rules in general beyond format. Because we were uncertain about it, we asked a PGL admin, who checked with a higher-up before telling us it was okay as long as they left the room after the draft. At no point did we conceal this and at no point did any other admin, referee or staff tell us this was not permitted until this morning."

Either way, it looks as if Valve's decision stands. Do you agree with it?

Dota 2
Photo: VGJ

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