The Last of Us: Part II

Version 1.05 of The Last of Us: Part II dated and detailed

The focus points are permadeath, more adjustable difficulty settings, new audio settings and visual filter options, along with general additions.

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The Last of Us: Part II is getting a major update (v 1.05) later this week and it will be more extensive than initially thought. As Naughty Dog describes in their latest blog, we can experience the adventure of Ellie and Abby not only in the studio's infamous 'Grounded' difficulty level or with activated permadeath, there are numerous other audio-visual and inclusivity settings on the way as well.

With game version 1.05 you can further increase or reduce the challenge of your experience. To that end, Naughty Dog is adding a number of gameplay modifiers like access to unlimited ammunition, activated bullet time, or that everything dies with just a single bullet/hit. You can also adjust the difficulty level thanks to newly introduced permadeath feature, or lose access to the helpful 'listen' feature (that helps us tracking down enemies) when playing on Grounded.

In addition to this, various audio-visual options were described. You'll be able to adjust how The Last of Us: Part II will look and sound with several retro filters that will bring the game back to the '90s. In total there are 30 new visual adjustments for special screen effects, including a cel-shading style and more funsies. Naughty Dog shows these and other surprises in more detail in a video above. There are also some general tweaks and changes, and you can check them out in full over on the developer's blog.

The Last of Us: Part IIThe Last of Us: Part IIThe Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II
The Last of Us: Part II

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