Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide

Vermintide's latest DLC coming to consoles on February 28

PC players received it last month.

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PC players received the latest DLC for Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, entitled Karak Azgaraz, mid December 2016, however, console players are still waiting, and will be a little bit more. Fatshark has announced that new content will be ready to download for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 28, along with the Quests & Contract free update.

On the one hand, Karak Azgaraz offers three new maps, three new achievements, and two new weapons. If one player buys it, they can also invite their friends to play with them even though they don't own it. On the other hand, With the Quest and Contracts update, players opt to take new long term quests and short term contracts to find rare items.

This is Karak Azgaraz's official description: "The Skaven have invaded the Dwarfen fortress of Karak Azgaraz! Fight your way through 3 striking levels in this DLC for Vermintide, set among the snow covered peaks of the Grey Mountains. Battle the Skaven in the ancient halls of the Dwarfen Khazid Kro, made of cold stone and old technology. Explore the mountains in search of The Cursed Rune. Finally, make your way to the top of the mountain to light the first beacon and trigger the Chain of Fire."

Are you console players excited for Karak Azgaraz?


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