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Veloce Racing has partnered up with Next Level Racing

The sim-racing peripheral manufacturer will become the esports organisation's official cockpit provider.

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The sim-racing esports organisation Veloce Esports has announced that it has partnered up with the sim-racing peripheral manufacturer Next Level Racing.

The partnership will see Next Level Racing regarded as the official cockpit provider of Veloce Esports, and likewise will see the manufacturer providing the esports team with a range of other hardware and gear.

It's also noted that going forward, the two will be working together to create and host various physical and online tournaments for fans to compete in.

"Since the start of the year, Veloce has continued to elevate and improve our in-house esports programme and we have actively been seeking a cockpit provider which shares our ethos of wanting to enrich the environment for sim-racing drivers and also provide an opportunity to them," said Cam Royal, head of talent at Veloce Esports. "We feel Next Level Racing is that partner, and we are thrilled to enter into this partnership where we will work collectively to give back to the community and ensure both new and existing talent have the best hardware available."

This comes following Veloce Esports also signing a partnership deal with Fanatec earlier this year, a deal that saw the sim-racing peripheral manufacturer named as its official steering wheel partner.

Veloce Racing has partnered up with Next Level Racing

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