Veloce Esports reveal world's first professional esports racing hub

Kitted out with plenty of tech to help racers.

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Veloce Esports have announced that the world's first professional esports racing hub has been launched in London, acting as a "live-streamed performance facility for racers to harness their skills and compete on the global stage," according to the press release, being kitted out with plenty of PC gaming gear to help with that.

Race sessions and hub activity will be broadcast from the venue via YouTube, Twitch, and more, so fans can see the four Playseat F1 rigs, three Playseat GT rigs, the world's first 200-degree field-of-view F1 motion simulator, and more in the venue.

Jean-Eric Vergne, Veloce Esports Co-Founder, said: "This is the ultimate venue for our drivers and team to engage the global audience that esports offers. The skills required to perform at the highest level in this industry are not to be underestimated. Esports is a serious business now and our athletes need the best equipment and atmosphere to keep improving as well as promote their careers through live streaming and content creation."

The Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Esports team - which Veloce works with - will train, compete, and stream from the hub, so it's already going to good use. Is this important for the racing esports community?

Veloce Esports reveal world's first professional esports racing hub
Photo: Veloce Esports

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