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Velma (HBO Max) [Episod 1-2]

Velma is now the worst-rated animated TV series ever on IMDB

Considering the conversation around the show has been anything but positive, we can't say we're shocked.

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The new HBO Max series Velma has been the talk of the town lately and the controversy surrounding the modern interpretation of Scooby-Doo continues to stir strong feelings from all camps. That said, it seems like a whole lot of people are anything but impressed by Mindy Kaling's adult interpretation of the classic and beloved cartoon.

This is something that is clearly reflected in the ratings on IMDB where Velma has just managed to become the worst rated animated TV series of all time with a rating of 1.3 out of 10. It doesn't look much prettier on Rotten Tomatoes either where its audience score currently stands at 6%. Forbes described the situation like this:

"...a rare combination of anti-woke review bombers, left-leaning viewers who think the series is just plain bad, and Scooby Doo enthusiasts upset by the changes made to the IP have made Velma one of the lowest audience scoring series I've seen in HBO history."

But despite all the criticism, it seems that a second season is on the way, and you can't deny that Velma, thanks to the controversy, also enjoys an unprecedented amount of publicity because of it.

What do you think of Velma?

Velma (HBO Max) [Episod 1-2]

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