Disney Dreamlight Valley

Vanellope von Schweetz joins Disney Dreamlight Valley, proceeds to fittingly glitch and wreck the game

The Wreck it Ralph character is back to her old tricks.

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If you've seen Wreck it Ralph, you'll know that Sarah Silverman's Vanellope Von Schweetz is known for well...wrecking the games she's part of. Specifically, the character is regarded as a glitch and thus causes all manner of weird interactions when she joins the fray. Fittingly, following her addition to Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of the latest update, she is back to old tricks as a whole manner of issues have started to plague the game recently.

Shortly after the DreamSnaps update debuted, players noticed that some strange error was stopping them from entering the game. Needless to say, it seemed like Vanellope was back and doing what she knows best.

Developer Gameloft has addressed the error and deployed a patch to resolve the issue, and the game should now be working as intended once again, but no one can deny that this was an absolutely hilarious coincidence.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

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