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Vampyr delayed into spring 2018

There isn't enough daylight for the Life is Strange developers to deliver as expected.

As it stands now, November is a month where very few developers and publishers dare to release their games, as both Call of Duty: WWII and Star Wars Battlefront II are set to arrive before December arrives.

Still, the Life is Strange developers at Dontnod have kept saying that Vampyr was still on schedule to launch around that time, which had led many to fear for the game's sales. You can put your worries away now, because a slight delay should give the game breathing room come launch.

Dontnod has been forced to push the game to "spring 2018" due to a "technical issue" that interfered with the development of the game. The good news is that the problem has been resolved, and that the delay will give them some extra time in the "polishing and balancing phase".

Hopefully this means that our fangs will be nice and sharp when Vampyr finally launches early next year.

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