Mario Kart Tour

Vampire Waluigi has now swooped his way into Mario Kart Tour

He comes with a fancy-looking winged kart too.

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Waluigi as a vampire is a character that we never knew we needed in Mario Kart Tour, but fortunately, he has just been added as another free addition. This pointy-fanged and top hat-wearing variant of the popular character comes with a pretty flashy-looking new kart too which has a pair of bright red bat wings poking out from each side.

Vampire Waluigi arrives as part of the mobile title's Halloween Tour. The Halloween Tour adds a range of spooky karts including one that is themed after a giant spider and another that has a pumpkin face on the front. It also adds a new London Loop 3 course.

You can take a look at the awesome Vampire Waluigi in the image below:

Mario Kart Tour

Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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