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Valve's Steam Controllers are now gone forever

The batch sold during Steam's Autumn sale are the very last ones, and there are currently no plans to restock.

Say goodbye to the chance of owning a shiny new Steam Controller if you were hoping to pick one up during the autumn sale, as not only have they run out of stock, but Valve has confirmed to The Verge that they have no plans to make more of them.

The controller was revealed back in 2013 along with the ill-fated Steam Machines, both of which were revised and released in 2015. While the Machines went on to be a flop, the controller and Steam Link were both a bit better than that. In our review, we said that there was "nothing better out there to bring the diverse world of PC gaming to the living room" despite a few problems here and there.

That was the Steam Controller's ultimate goal, and to do that it replaced one of the joysticks and directional pad with two trackpads instead, intending to give you the sharp precision of a mouse on a controller, and allow you to play cursor-focused games away from your mouse and keyboard. It was different from every single controller on the market, which probably didn't help it in the long run.

Whilst to some people it felt like a clumsy, awkward way to play games that were clearly intended for two joysticks, it still managed to grow a devoted following thanks to the high amount of customisation and flexibility it gave you. You could assign and combine different functions to the individual controller parts (like the gyroscopic aiming, rear paddles, and buttons) for each and every game, and other players could share their settings on Steam to make everything easier.

Although it seems like Valve's attention to bringing PC gaming into the living room is dead, they are quite happy with VR thanks to the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx, which is due for release next year.

Are you sad to see the Steam Controllers go?

Valve's Steam Controllers are now gone forever

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