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Valve renames Artifact card with racist connotations

Crack the Whip is now Coordinated Assault.

Valve has been giving us a steady trickle of intel with regards to Artifact, its upcoming card battler, showing off new cards and detailing their various effects. One of the recently revealed cards, however, had a name and description that was inadvertently a bit racist. Crack the Whip, which has since been renamed Coordinated Assault, has the following effect:

This card packs a big punch immediately and then keeps on punching. When you play Crack the Whip, it triggers once right after it's played. If you play an Untested Grunt next to the whipped hero it will trigger again, and the Grunt will receive the bonus.

Artifact cards are banded by colour, and Crack the Whip could only be played on black heroes, and therefore the circumstances around playing it have racist connotations.

Valve has quickly moved to correct the oversight and give the card a new name, and Artifact is set to launch on PC in November.


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