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Valve receives criticism over The International 2016

Reddit users angered by the lack of clarity.

The largest Dota 2 tournament The International 2016 is due to kick off in eight days but one Reddit user has expressed anger with the lack of organisation surrounding it.

In the scathing post user leeharris100 lists the issues surrounding the competition. One such issue is the fact that several teams are having visa problems and may have to play with substitutes, but Valve have yet to comment or offer assistance despite doing so in previous instances.

Other outrages include the fact that teams don't know what the times or format are for the tournament, workshop artists were invited with only two weeks notice, there are no Wild Card schedules or brackets nor are there player cards. The list goes on.

Users have since responded to the original post, some sharing the sense of outrage and some simply claiming that "this is just how Valve works".

Given that The International is perhaps the most prestigious and certainly the esports event with the biggest prize sums there is every reason to expect better communication from Valve.

Valve receives criticism over The International 2016

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