Valorant gets new limited time mode Escalation

Riot's tactical shooter now has a Gun Game-styled mode.

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Riot Games premier tactical shooter Valorant has received a new limited time game mode, designed for fast gameplay. Escalation is a Gun Game-styled mode that sees players race through a cycle of different weapons and abilities, across a series of rounds where the first team to 12 points, or the one with the most points after the 10 minute mark wins.

The game mode is designed in such a way that it sees every player expected to do their part, as you can only get a point after each member racks up a kill with the weapon or ability in their respective Escalation level.

Considering the game mode is designed for fast gameplay, matches are expected to last around 7-9 minutes, but the main difference between this mode and others is that it has respawns, meaning you can be a little more aggressive with your playstyle.

As for how the Escalation levels will be distributed; Level 1 brings Raze's Showstopper, or a Vandal or a Phantom; Level 2 is always a Vandal or a Phantom; Level 3-11 are assorted weapons and abilities; and to round it out, Level 12 is either a Shorty, Classic Knife, Shock Dart, or a Snowball Launcher.

Since this is a limited time mode, be sure to get in and give it a go before it leaves Valorant down the line.


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