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Valorant First Strike Brazil to be a LAN event

After the cancellation of ESL One: Rio 2020, Riot is moving in with a LAN event.

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It has been confirmed that the Brazillian First Strike LAN event will be hosted in a LAN environment. Originally mentioned by a popular Braziliian League of Legends caster, the Valorant Brazil account joined in to confirm the claim. Note: as both were written in Portuguese, the quotes are a translation.

"First-hand news," said Guilherme "Tixinhadois" Cheida on Twitter. "The Main Event of First Strike of Valorant Brazil, December 3-6, will be hosted at Riot Games Brazil studio."

The Valorant account then responded to the tweet; "If the boss spoke, it is spoken! We will have the Valorant First Strike in LAN form, straight from the Riot Studios in Sao Paulo!"

This revelation follows on from the cancellation of ESL One: Rio 2020, which has been scrapped due to the pandemic year. Now Riot is looking to move into the slot previously occupied by the annual tournament.



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