Valorant Episode 3 Act 1 to begin on June 22

It'll be called Reflection and will bring a new Agent as well as a new battlepass.

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Riot Games has officially revealed the start date for Episode 3 Act 1 of its tactical shooter Valorant. Known as Reflection, it is set to bring a new Agent, battlepass, and event pass, and will be starting as soon as Tuesday, June 22.

The new Agent, KAY/O is a machine of war that can use its powers to suppress enemy abilities and cripple any opponents' ability to fight back against it. It's first ability, ZERO/point sees KAY/O equip a suppression blade that sticks to the first surface it hits, winds up and then explodes, suppressing anyone in the radius of the explosion. KAY/O's next ability, FLASH/drive sees the war machine equip a flash grenade to blind anyone that is caught in its line-of-sight. The third ability is called FRAG/ment and is similar to FLASH/drive, except this time is a fragmentation grenade, great for dealing lethal damage to enemies caught in its radius. Last of all, the ultimate ability, NULL/cmd sees KAY/O overload with Radianite energy and pulse, suppressing any enemies that are caught in its range for a short duration. If KAY/O is killed using this ability, it gains the ability to resurrect itself.

The Battle Pass, will once again cost 1000 VP, and will include plenty of cosmetics and gear to earn over its duration. The Event Pass on the other hand will be free to celebrate Valorant's one-year anniversary, and will include a range of cosmetics, each framed around the celebration, including: a Gun Buddy, Card, Reflection Card, two Titles, and 20 Radianite points.

You can look to see all of the above in the game starting from this Tuesday.


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