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Valorant Champions Tour Challengers Week 2 event slightly delayed

The tournament has been delayed a couple of days to accommodate for bad weather rampaging through the US.

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The Challengers Week 2 event for the North American Valorant Champions Tour has been delayed slightly to accommodate for the fact that a lot of North America citizens are experiencing issues with power outages due to harsh weather conditions. The event has only been delayed briefly but it will now start on Saturday, February 20 instead of Thursday, February 18.

The tweet from Riot detailing the change reads as follows; "Due to weather concerns and potential power outages for many of our players this week, the #VALORANTChallengers Week 2 Main Event has been pushed back to start on Saturday, 2/20. We want everyone to be able to compete at the highest level."

This seems to be a good move by Riot and shows a lot of promise for the future of competitive Valorant, but the question about whether this means the Challengers Week 3 will also be postponed now has to be raised.

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