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Valnir Rok

Valnir Rok's latest update has awakened the Kraken

The Kraken has awakened and it's up to Valnir Rok players to slay the legendary beast before he takes them all.

Encurio's Viking MMORPG Valnir Rok was recently updated with new content, improved mechanics and fixes, but the grandest addition to the game is the new legendary enemy threatening Valnir Rok's peace (if there ever was such a thing to begin with).

The people of Valnir Rok are being attacked by a Kraken on the loose and by the looks of it, the beast is in a bad mood, harassing players and NPCs alike. Will you take on the quest to slay the legendary beast?

Interested in Update #76? Take a look at the patch notes here or below.

Valnir Rok

Gameplay: Adjusted frost damage
Building: Totems for buildings last longer
Gameplay: Load capacity adjusted
Sound: drinking, jumping, horse riding, eating, potions.
Character Creator: Zoom In/Out.
Character Creator: Randomizer creates better characters.
Character Creator: Extremes slightly revised.
Character Creator: Button female/male upper left corner.
Character Creator: Keyboard letters [F] instead of text "press F to interact".
Character Creator: Redesign of Ability UI.

Quests: Larger question marks for quest givers.
Mount: Fall damage especially for horseriding.
Building: Building disappearance after logout.
Gameplay: Clan members are no longer accidentally kicked out of the clan,
Combat: Aiming position fixed.
Combat: Weaponless fighting adjusted.
Combat: Bow no longer shoots when clicking in inventory.
Combat: Animationstuck of "Unnoc Arrow" fixed.
Combat: Arrow is not removed from the inventory anymore when the arrow is put back.
World: Stumps of chopped trees do not move anymore.

Valnir Rok

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