Valheim has already shifted 1 million copies since releasing last week

The Viking-inspired survival game is only in Early Access too.

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Valheim, a Viking-inspired survival title developed by Iron Gate AB, has become one of the first indie smash hits of 2021. Since launching on February 2, the game has already sold 1 million copies and its concurrent players have peaked at 160,000. IGN also notes that the game has been a big success on Twitch too, as its viewership figures have passed 127,000.

These milestones are pretty staggering considering that the game is only in Early Access as of present. According to its Steam page, the developer's envision that Valheim will be in Early Access for at least another year and it will receive regular updates throughout. In future, the game is expected to add new types of weapons, new biomes, and new bosses. The crafting system is also planned to be expanded upon and new build-pieces will be added to enable players to further customise their Viking strongholds.

Given how well things are going already, who knows how much further success Valheim will enjoy in the near future!


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