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Valheim celebrates 6 million copies sold with major update tease

Hearth and Home isn't too far off.

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It's been sixteen days since our Swedish friends over at Iron Gate celebrated that Valheim had surpassed five million players just a week after topping four million, so it's clear that the astounding growth understandably has stagnated a bit. That's not to say the game's player-base has stopped growing at an impressive pace.

Because the developers have posted a new message on Steam revealing that Valheim has sold more than six million units. That's not all though, as another part of it is sure to peak the interest and curiosity of many vikings, namely the image below.


This is a tease for the game's first big content update, Hearth and Home. While we're not told when it'll launch or what it includes, the Swedes say they're finally able to dedicate more time to it after mostly focusing on play testing and bug fixing up until now. But what is it? While it might seem like a raven at first glance, the sharp edges and the update being about building and crafting makes me think it's a wooden carving we'll either get to make or a new kind of building. Time will tell.

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