Valencia reportedly looking to move into esports

The football club has its eyes on FIFA, Rocket League and Hearthstone, claims report. League of Legends also in the cards.

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The Spanish football club Valencia CF is reportedly looking to follow in the footsteps of German club Schalke 04 and expand into esports. Word of the move comes from Esports Observer, who have apparently gotten their hands on an invitation for the press meeting that will announce the esports forray.

Supposedly the club wants to sign players within FIFA, Rocket League and Hearthstone, and is also looking to add a League of Legends roster later in the year.

Clubs like Wolfsburg and West Ham United have previously signed on FIFA players, but Schalke 04 set a new standard for traditional sports club involvement in esports when they picked up the League of Legends team Elements last month.

Valencia will apparently present their esports plans later today, so stay tuned for more details.

Valencia reportedly looking to move into esports

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