V Rising

V Rising's first major content update is here

Get ready to discover the Secrets of Gloomrot.

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The first of three major content updates to the top-down action RPG V Rising is here. Secrets of Gloomrot expands hugely on the game's play space.

Not only are we getting a new biome in this update, but areas like Quartz Mine, Glass Factory and a few others are getting expanded as well. In terms of combat, Legendary Weapons have been added, alongside some revamped spells.

As well as the new combat options, there are also some extra enemies to fight with 30 new enemy types and 10 extra bosses to take down. V Rising remains in early access on PC but should it keep pumping out big content updates like this it may exit that status soon. Check out the launch trailer for Secrets of Gloomrot below.

V Rising

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