V Rising

V Rising leaves early access in Q2 2024

The vampire action game has already sold over 3 million copies as of this year.

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V Rising has proven to be a huge hit in early access. As we reported on in January, the vampire game had already garnered 3 million sales. Now, it is nearly ready to head out of the shade of early access and into the light. Though, not literally as that would be a bit of a problem for vampires.

As announced in a developer update, V Rising will be heading out of early access in Q2 2024. As part of this process, players will be getting a new zone beyond the Hallowed Mountains, giving us an icy new area to explore.

Extra bosses, enemy factions, and more will be available in this new area. Beyond this addition, cosmetics are also getting a serious upgrade, allowing us to change even the most minor of details.

Read more on what's coming when the game leaves early access here.

V Rising

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