V Rising

V Rising comes to PS5 on the 11th of June

Or you can start playing from the 6th if you pre-order.

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The action vampire survival game V Rising has proven to be a hit even in Early Access on Steam. Now that it has seen its full release come to PC, players on PS5 have been wondering when they'll also be able to become a creature of the night.

The 11th of June is when V Rising launches on PS5. But, as is becoming more common nowadays, if you decide to pre-order any of the game's versions from the PlayStation Store, you'll see that you can get five days early access. Does that mean the release date is officially the 6th of June? That's up for you to decide.

In any case, V Rising hasn't made players wait long for its PS5 debut, considering it only recently fully released on PC. Will you be picking it up on console?

V Rising

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