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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Usmakabyle wins his third PES League world championship

He's got three world cups now, and he's also won the three competitions he aspired to this season.

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We experienced a very tight, tense, and exciting final match at the Emirates Stadium in London at the weekend, as the PES League World Finals 2019 champions were decided. In the end, French player Usmakabyle - who had previously been champion before a couple of years of FIFA hiatus and who this season become both European Champion in Porto and eFootball.Pro league champion with AS Monaco - continued to be unstoppable and took the crown from the Italian defending champion Ettorito97.

The Italian scored first, silencing the very noisy French and Brazilian group of supporters gathered at the Emirates. As it turned out, the rowdy South-American crowd were cheering against Ettore as Co-Op champions Eligasul Stars were accused of 'biscotto'-ing ES/IT team Broken Silence out the day before. That being said, Ettore's first goal celebration didn't help either.

But the fans soon enough found another reason to shout, as Usmakabyle scored the equaliser 30 minutes in. It was loud enough that both the match and its streaming had to be halted right after the French player's 1-1, as a commotion started at the stands between the two supporting sides.

After the match resumed, the Italian took control of the match once more, having several chances before and after half-time. He played the better football and the French & Brazilian supporters lowered the volume, only celebrating the saves being made. This all led to a header by Aubameyang to put the Italian 2-1 up at the 70-minute mark, and everyone at the Emirates was quiet.

But it was far from over. If Usmakabyle is known for something, it is for his persistence and stone-cold determination, and that way, he managed to equalise once again at 80 minutes. And again, soon after the extra time had started, with the coldest blood, he stepped time inside the penalty area to score 2-3.

It seemed like the nail in the Italian coffin, but people should not forget it's two world champions we're talking about, and as Ettore went on with his tiki-taka, he managed to filter the best through ball of the match to balance out to 3-3. It really looked then like we were having another penalty-deciding champion, but Usmakabyle had another goal under his sleeve to secure the championship at 108 minutes. Ettorito even had another chance to score the most beautiful backheel goal, but it was too late and he had no luck. The French supporters shouted again and the Brazilians, of course, joined the party.

Did you watch the action unfold?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

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