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Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Usmakabyle on controversial PES League celebration: "I'm a little mad"

The AS Monaco player showed a lot of emotion when he finally managed to beat Alex Alguacil in the semi-finals.

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After a few years of hiatus from PES, Usmakabyle is back in action and just became PES League Europe Champion. However, what the French player celebrated way more enthusiastically was his beating of Alex Alguacil in the semi-finals, producing a rather emotional display in front of the crowd in Porto:


When Gamereactor interviewed Alguacil, we asked the FC Barcelona player about Usmakabyle's reaction right after shaking hands with the beaten Spaniard. Here's what he told us:

"It's weird because he's two-times world champ. Me, zero times in 1v1 (yeah one time in 3v3 but it's not the same). And yeah he sees me at the same level, and he also didn't want to play against me at that semi-final that was actually a final that qualified for the World Championship. I don't know, I will let people decide if it's right or wrong, or if they like it or not, or which player to support. I only have to play and try to be the best. I guess he suffered a lot in these last few years when he changed to FIFA, now he's back on PES, because his last appearance on the World Champ I think was three years ago. So I guess he had a lot of extra motivation as well to survive like that, but on my side I don't have any problems if the opponent acts like that, it's a motivation to me. It's a shame he was better today - or [that] he won today."


But, of course, we also took the chance to ask the AS Monaco champion about the same thing during his own interview:

"Alguacil is a top player," he admits in the video below. "So, my main goal was to qualify for the World Cup, so that's why I celebrated a lot at the semifinals. And my personality is like that; I'm very emotional and a little mad, so that's why I celebrated like that".

Alex was the other most feared player and, coincidentally, both will face each other one last time this season, with their respective teams Barça and Monaco facing off at the eFootball.Pro Finals on May 19.

Here's the full Usmakabyle interview, where he also wanted to send current World Champion Ettorito97 a message:


What do you think of his celebration?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
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