Users report plenty of problems with new PS4 update

Some users have even struggled to connect their controllers to the console.

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Yesterday, Sony released a fairly big PlayStation 4 update, numbered 8.0 that added several new features to the console. This includes an improved chat and also better parental controls. But pretty soon after the update was launched, video game forums, such as Reddit had users complaining about different problems that had occurred.

The most common issue seems to be related to the friends list and not being able to start a party, while others struggled with accessories and couldn't even connect controllers to the console. The error code WS-44369-6 has been frequently reported, and Sony Japan says they are aware of the problems and will try to solve this.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time Sony has released updates in bad shape. Update 7.5 reportedly could brick consoles, update 6.02 could lead to units crashing and audio problems, while 4.7 could prevent PlayStation 4's from booting up at all.

We do not know how long it will take to sort the 8.0 issues out for Sony, but in the meantime, we would recommend you not to update your PlayStation 4 if you wish to use it online.

Users report plenty of problems with new PS4 update

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