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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

The 2009 season, Is left behind and I'm now looking forward to dominate golf again in the 2010 season.

Its now late summer and the new version of the Tiger Woods series has now hit game shelves around the world. This year, it's really all about Tiger Woods. You can´t really expect anything else than letting him take all the space in the game as it is his game series. This year, there has been developed a "tournament Challenge" where you have to try to beat all kinds of, great moments in golf history. This is considerably more fun to begin with, compared to the traditional "match" games. The game has become much more realistic with the audience, real-time weather system and a wide selection of golf courses and don't forget that that Tiger Woods 2010 is supported by the new "Wii Motion Plus" which gives the gameplay lots of new life and possibilities.

It still doesn't require any golf talent to play golf on the Wii, but you cant avoid feeling the drama of being a golf pro.

There is still no story to follow, which is understandable. The game is all about testing your skills as a golfer. The Way from being an amateur to being a pro is long and there's a lot of work to be done. At the entrance to a tournament, there are written objectives to be achieved within the current season, so you can qualify for the following season. Besides this, you can still create your own golf swing and follow your golfer's progress on statistics.

Graphically the game isn't a match against other sports games, but "Wii Motion Plus" helps to give a very good and enjoyable golf experience.

This year, has really been given a lot of personality. It's both fun playing single player and multiplayer. The minigames in the multiplayer "Party mode" is the same mini-games from last year, but as said, "Wii Motion Plus" has given new light in the gameplay.

It's guaranteed that people, who give Tiger Woods 2010 a chance, will discover how wonderful a sport golf is!

Graphics: 8
Sound: 9
Gameplay: 10
Durability: 10

Average score: 10/10