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Left 4 Dead

There is nothing better than killing one zombie after another. I have therefore played through Left 4 Dead.

Im standing in a back alley, all alone, with a gun in the hand. Suddenly I hear an army of zombies, up to 20 in a group, come running after me. Instead of my gun I choose my shotgun and storm the nearest zombie, then after I would rush through the whole army of zombies. My 3 surviving friends comes to back me up and then we finish the job.

L4D's story is about 4 people who has survived an infection, witch has turned everyone into zombies. Now they must fight there way through armies of zombies flee from the city they are in.

We've seen it before, done it before and still thers nothing new. Left 4 Dead is a traditional FPS, which allow you to kick, "serious zombie ass." I had expected a little more of this game. As I said, it's all done it before. We've seen similar happen in other FPS games like Half-Life, land of dead and many more. Valve has simply not been able to pull "Zombie killing" to the next level.

Of course, you can go online and have LAN party with your friends and it is truely one of the best online games ive ever played.

Graphically the game looks a bit boring. The actual trailer for the game is nice, but you will be disappointed when you start the game.

The gameplay, is all about killing zombies, witch is fun but just not enough for the next-generation games.

The sound in the game, is excellent. It manages to give the game a scary mood. You can sometimes get chills, when you hear the screams coming around the corners.

The single-player mode would probably take a few days, to get through which I thought is way to short. Besides that I had no trouble compleating the game. It was very easy. The multiplayer will be played alot more than the singleplayer mode.

Plus: intense moments, good multiplayer.
Minus: too short and repetitive.

Graphics: 7
Gameplay: 6
Sound: 8
Durability: 7

Average score: 7/10