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Gears of War 2

Written by: Boromir   2009-06-13

"Eat f*cking dog sh*t you motherf*ckers", Marcus Fenix and AVGN in a shell? Boromir has played true this action masterpiece and is impressed.

To begin with I wanna talk about the prequel, Gears of War. I hadnt play the Unreal Tournament games, so I didnt really have mega expectations about the game. But it turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time.

It was intense, raw and everywere you looked there was some kind of action going on. Just as in the prequel, Gears of War 2, you played as the macho-man Marcus Fenix.
He´s a cross-over of some UFC-fighter and Angry video game nerd. He swears a load of f*ck and likes to kick ass (Tell me, who doesnt?).

Everything was so freaking good and Im not sure if I ever will play a action game that good again. But let´s talk about Gears of War 2. It´s pretty much the same concept, take cover, shoot, take cover, shoot and so it goes on. Some may find it repetetive, but I love it.

As natural they´ve expanded the weapon arsenal. I cant say that the weapons from the prequel was that creative (Except for hammer of dawn), but they were fun as hell to play around with. They were easy handled and unique. This time they´ve added som new
weapons. Some will really come in handy, but others will just piss you off. And of course the chainsaw is still attached to your Lancer.

Let´s talk about the grapichs. As we know, Epic-games are masters of making good grapichs. I mean, take a look at the Unreal Tournament game (Or why not the prequel?).
Even though Im going against what´s already proved, I wanna go ahead and say Gears of war looks better than Crysis. Or is it the game design maybe? One thing I can tell you is that the grapichs are detailed as hell and overall looks amazing.

Many people complain about the lack of colors. But seriously, do we really want a cute little kids show? We want war, and war is what we get. And have in mind, war is not cute, so everything looks kinda gray, but that´s only reminding you that your in a battle field.

The controll is one of the best parts with the game. As said, the gameplay is kinda repetetive, but it never gets boring. The controll is simple but "challenging". Everything runs perfectly smooth!

One thing that still keeps me trapped infront of the screen with Gears of War 1 is the fantastic multiplayer. It was just perfect, to place a headshot or "chainsawing" someone to death was more pleasuring than sex (Well, not really). They made the system for finding avaible games kinda simple, which ment it only took you a few seconds to find a game.
But this time they used matchmaking instead, and just after a couple hours fans were complaining how freaking hard it was to find a game. I looked for hours (And that´s litterally, seriously) without results. But they fixed it, but everything isnt perfect.

But let´s talk about the multiplayer itself. And this part is just brilliant! Up to 10 players can play in a match (5v5), even though I wished for more players, I know a battlefield copy would turn into chaos. But for you that already played the prequel it´s not much to say, it´s the same system.

Gears of War 2 is a great game with some minus that prevented it from 9 out of 10 (Or even 10 out of 10). But overall I would recommend it to all Xbox360-owners!


- The multiplayer
- The controll
- The grapichs
- The gameplay

- Identical to the prequel
- Matchmaking
- The vechiles

Average score: 8/10