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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Do not read this if you aren't 18-years old! (or over)

I think that this will be the first review (ever) on the International GR. That's fine, because of that I'm a Grand Theft Auto-freak; well, this is the GTA-game, maybe the one that people has spoken much about. Why? Well... Do you get excited when you hear the words Violence, Driving and Drama? If it's so, then you just have to buy the game. Let's get into it first.


Welcome to Liberty City, USA, 1992. The REAL meaning of the name is far, far away from the words combined "liberty" and "city" - a cruel place, full of crime, blood stenched on streets, helpless cops, frighten citizens and so on. In the middle of day, when no-one would take a step to the streets, a black man walks to the check-in at the LC Airport. His name is Carl Johnson, better known as CJ, a mature american who is going to make a comeback to Los Santos, that's located in the San Andreas region. After five years crimes done with Joey Leone, the son of Leone Family's Don Salvatore. Meanwhile, in LS, Carl's brother Sean "Sweet" J. tries to make a distress call to his brother - Beverly Johnson, the family head after father's dissapearence, was cruely murdered by a team of Ballas-gangmembers.

In 1987, CJ moved to Liberty City because of the many pressures ongoing in Los Santos; an even worse situation than in LC, drugdealing, gangwars, robbery to "not-so-bad" carjacking with all of the other crimes on the East Coast. Another reason was that Brian, the little brother died dramatically somehow, and it resulted in to Sweet blaming on Carl. Now when only left brother Sweet, the sister Kendl and mother Beverly, it was easier for the Ballas gang to attack. Why would the Ballas do such a thing? See, there are several gangs in the whole region, these are the Los Santos gangs:

Los Santos Vagos, a hispanic streetgang known for drugdealing. They are in teamwork some point with Ballas.

Varrios Los Aztecas, a Mexican gang that has a stronger friendship to the Grove Street Families because of that the leader Cesar Vialpando is in love with Kendl.

Ballas, the head enemy to GSF and the most influential gang. Working with Vagos, they're tactic is to wipe out Grove Street with selling amounts of cocaine.

Grove Street Families, the assiocation that has four leaders: Sweet, CJ, Ryder and Big Smoke. GFS head enemy is the Ballas. CJ is at the place when most in need.

There. These gangs listed were just Los Santos, there are many in both Las Venturas and San Fierro, too. Let's get back in the show. You spotted the "head enemy"-part? Well, that is the reason, yes. GFS and Ballas had conflicts several years before CJ's return, but now it's the time to settle the things, once and for all! Carl arrives at LC Airport after an exhausting flight. He takes a taxi to Ganton, where the Johnson's house is located. Suddenly, a police syren starts to make noise. CJ is forced to step into the car. "This is drug money", a familiar voice says. Officer Frank Tenpenny, the head of C.H.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums), drives Carl to Ballas territory and leaves him there with nothing to lose.

When you've arrived at the Johnson's house, a man with a baseball bat appears not recognizing you. He apologizes you and introduces himself as Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris, one of the leaders for GSF himself. He takes you with his car to the graveyard, where Beverly Johnson's grave is. Sweet and Kendl stopped by, CJ and Sweet approaches each other ready to fight. Suddenly, a machine gun shoots Smoke's car down. No time to be angry, the family escapes back to Ganton. If you've got a gun, you could destroy the enemy Ballas car. Back in the hood, Sweet declairs you as the fourth leader in Grove Street Families business.


Woah, that was an intro! GTA: San Andreas is categorized as Driving/Shooting. The meaning of the game is to follow the story filled with sorrows, action and crime mixed up with missions from hijacking to rampage and assasinating that's played in the free San Andreas region. Did I say free? Yes I did! San Andreas is set in three cities; Los Santos (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). The places are living, too. People walking on the streets, policemen watching over the territories (even YOU can be caught), thousands of vehicles and like that. You can steal them, but watch out for the police! The "Wanted"-list in game is explained as stars; one star and you'll get an officer behind you. The maximum amount, six stars, means trouble. Yup, that is the Army.

Curious about the missions? Don't worry, I'll tell you. In the hood, you will work with Lance "Ryder" Wilson, the before-not-mentioned GSF-leader and the rest of the gang. Your rumores will however spread, and more gangsters want you as a teammate or wants you dead, or both. The Thruth, Mike Toreno, Wu Zi Mu, Zero... Those men are coming along with the story. If you can complete enough missions, you can unock Las Venturas and San Fierro. How about the weapons, then? Rampage and assasinating isn't going to work if you don't have some bullets. With cheats or without them, the weapons are several listed, from the Desert Eagle to a Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher. Ammu-Nation is a shop for practicing "shoot the target" and for purchasing weapons plus armor.

The health gauge is shown along with armor. If it gets down to zero, you'll find yourself at the hospital nearby. The same thing happens if your being arrested, but at the police station. You have to pay cash as bribe and they will always strip you of weapons plus armor. This wont happen if you unlock a couple of things...


Oh, I forgot. San Andreas is very extraordinary compared to the others; mountains, woods, countryside, desert and the city. If you want to change CJ's looks, why not go over to a shop? You can shop clothes at Binco for money. Once you've taken steps further in the game, other shops will appear. ZIP, Sub Urban and the expensive Didier Sachs. Hairstyle could also be modified. In San Andreas, you have to eat sometimes. Cluckin'Bell, The Well Stacked Pizza Co. and Burger Shot are availavble.

In the PC version of GTA: San Andreas, you can use mods. The best known is the Bigfoot. You have to kill Sasquatch for The Thruth and you'll earn some cash. There are tons of different kinds like this. Cheat codes; you can't count them! For PC and PS2, there are about 100 codes like infinite ammo, flying cars and many, many more!


As a GTA-freak, I can tell you that this is the greatest game for PlayStation 2. I hope that my review gave you all a picture, why I like GTA. So I can recommend this warmly for all people, 18 and over! .... or you could do as I did, I'm only 12! :P Here's some plus and minus:


+ The story is magnificent
+ San Andreas is interesting to discover
+ All of the missions
+ Also everything
+ The other things you could do
+ Graphics
+ The humour


- Sometimes the controlls are stubborn
- The missions aren't that long completing
- Can't figure anything else


Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 8
Lasting appeal: 9



Average score: 10/10