Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

Use a Nissan Qashqai to play PES 2016 on PS4

"Project Controller" will drive PES tomorrow during Champion's League game.

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Have you ever looked at a Nissan Qashqai and thought it could be something more than just a car? Because that's what TBWA\Helsinki have done. In a collaborative effort with Nissan, PlayStation, UEFA and Konami, TBWA's Helsinki branch have developed Project Controller, which has involved wiring up a Nissan car to a PlayStation 4 controller and playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 a little bit differently than normal.

Project Controller was drafted in Nissan's research on the future of driving and how vehicles could be used innovatively, this lead them to TBWA and ended with a whole new way to play games. The modified car was connected to a game of PES 2016 and a series of guests were bought in to try out this unique experience.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016

It's certainly something different from most other controllers, and while it may not be for everyone Project Controller does look like a fun way of experiencing games. The Nissan Controller will make a public appearance tomorrow in Malmö, Sweden before the UEFA Champions League match between Malmö FF and Paris Saint-Germain, and will be officially launched during the match. You can follow the project and find out more about Project Controller at https://www.nissan.se/controller, including prototype tests for the new way to drive.


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