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Usain Bolt's esports organisation has partnered with Virgin Media

Wylde has tapped the broadband provider to help grow its roster of athletes in Ireland.

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Wylde, the esports organisation co-owned by Usain Bolt, has announced that it is teaming up with Virgin Media. As said in a press release, this will allow Wylde to continue to expand and build out its roster of esports athletes across Ireland, where the organisation is based.

This partnership also aligns with the opening of Wylde's own Academy in Cork, which will be powered by Virgin Media. It will be the host of an array of events for the organisation in the future, including FIFA and Rainbow Six: Siege bootcamps.

"I am so excited to be part of the fastest growing sport in the world, esports, through WYLDE," said Bolt. "The WYLDE x Virgin Media partnership is a great fit, as our players and gamers all over Ireland will benefit from superfast, reliable broadband, providing a competitive edge and supporting their development as players."

There will also be a campaign taking place from October 10 across Ireland that aims to highlight top FIFA players, with Brian Cox being tapped for the Virgin Media voiceover.

Usain Bolt's esports organisation has partnered with Virgin Media

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