Football Manager 2019

Usain Bolt has been rated for Football Manager 2019

But he won't be included in the game unless he signs a professional contract.

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We recently spoke to Sports Interactive's Miles Jacobson about the potential of the World's fastest man, Usain Bolt, making it into this year's Football Manager. As you may know the Jamaican is currently on trial with Australian club Central Coast Mariners following the conclusion of his athletics career.

"We can't have Usain in the game unless he has signed a professional deal with a club, because until that point he won't be a member of FIFPro, which is the global football union that we get player rights from", said Jacobson.

"It is [an interesting dilemma in terms of ratings] and a lot of people have been talking about that 'are you going to give him pace of 21?' We actually watched some of the games that he played and on the ball he ain't that quick."

As Jacobson correctly points out, Bolt didn't exactly have a reputation for quick starts and acceleration, instead, it was his ability to maintain top speed once it had been reached that made him so phenomenally successful, typically pulling away from the pack in the last third of the 100 metre dash. Jacobson did admit to having "done the ratings" though, so if Bolt signs a contract you'll see him in Football Manager 2019.

"Yes, we have done his ratings. No, he didn't have 21 out of 20 for anything. And no, he's not currently going to be in the game, because he doesn't play football, he's not a professional footballer."

Of course, how the game would handle a 32-year old beginner is hard to say, typically that's when you'd start to see some decline in the ratings, but of course, Bolt will likely become a better footballer as he gains experience, even at his age.

Football Manager 2019
Bolt playing a friendly for Central Coast Mariners.

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