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US Customs destroyed sealed Pokémon Yellow worth $10,500

The sacred texts!

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It's always a bit nerve-wracking to send precious collectibles by courier. You never know how well the package will be handled and if you're really unlucky, it can get lost along the way. But above all, customs is something people often really fear as they have a infamous behaviour when it comes to ripping open and inspecting packages. Something that has now happened to a virtually irreplaceable, unopened copy of Pokémon Yellow (its condition was graded 9.2 by WATA and valued $10,500).

The collector in question was waiting for this copy sealed in acrylic packaging. But when the person received the package from customs, the casing was opened, the plastic torn off and the front of the box was cut off. A really sad story, and a friend of the collector posted a picture of the disaster on Twitter.

What are your horror stories about ruined shipments?

US Customs destroyed sealed Pokémon Yellow worth ,500

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