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US cinema chain Cinergy to broaden its horizons with esports

The US cinema chain looks to hold an online sports league with Mario Kart as the first title.

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US cinema chain Cinergy looks to broaden its offering of services by holding an online esports league following a newfound partnership with Harenta Data.

The first title selected for the competition is Mario Kart, which is an interesting choice, but it's a solid one as it's a title that can pretty much be picked up and played by anyone. If the idea is to broaden the appeal to as many people as possible then Mario Kart is a good call.

Jeff Benson, CEO of Cinergy, said: We are willing to try anything esports and pop-up drive in theatres, so yes it is a direct response to the pandemic induced slowdown. We will try anything to stay relevant to our guests and attempt to stay top of mind. Without government help, if the pandemic continues for months more, we may find that all family entertainment centers and theatres disappear forever, so nothing is off limits and there are no bad ideas."

We will be sure to keep you updated as more details on Cinergy's esports league emerge.

Thanks, Forbes.

US cinema chain Cinergy to broaden its horizons with esports
Cinergy Cinemas

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