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Update improves performance of Rime on Nintendo Switch

Greybox finally fixes Rime on Nintendo Switch.

Tantalus and Tequila Works had serious problems bringing their beautiful indie game Rime to Nintendo Switch last November. The game suffered serious frame-rate issues and, compared to the visual quality offered by the more powerful console systems from Sony and Microsoft, the hybrid edition lacked visual charm and the same sense of love and attention to detail.

With today's patch v.1.02 the game is said to hit the frame-rate and level of detail publisher Grey Box has promised since its release (that being 720p in docked mode at 30FPS). The new patch will drastically increase texture quality, resolution, shadows, draw distances, and 3D models, and it boosts Rime's performance in handheld mode as well.

To give players some kind of compensation players can contact customer services at to get their hands on special in-game items for the PC version of the publisher's spaceship shooter, Dreadnought. Simply write the subject line "RiME Switch Dreadnought Bundle" to connect the items to your existing Dreadnought (PC) account. Now, if you cast your eyes down below you can take a look at official comparison images of Rime as shared by the developer.


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