Upcoming Oculus update makes it even easier to play with friends

v31 will bring updates to Messenger, game invitations, and even some added security features.

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Facebook will soon release another update for its Oculus line-up of virtual reality headsets. The software update, regarded as v31 has been designed with social features at the forefront, and will be bringing updates to the Invite Link system, Messenger, as well as some added security upgrades.

To ensure it's even easier to get into games with your friends, Facebook has added a range of updates to the Invite feature, including a new Invite to App button that will act as a way to invite friends to games without needing to actually leave the game. This will also send a pop-up notification to those you want to invite so they can be swiftly added to your session. As for how many games currently support the feature, it has so far been tested by a select number of developers and will soon be coming to Beat Saber, Blaston, Demeo, Echo VR, as well as a few other games.

Likewise, Facebook is improving the way to set up multiplayers sessions outside of the headset, with more updates to the social aspect of the Oculus app. It will use the upgraded Invite Link system and will simply pull you into games without needing to do anything with the headset assuming you accept an invitation.

In terms of Messenger, Facebook has added send and read receipts, as well as reactions, all of which can be found in the Oculus version of the system.

Last of all, the security additions include a new unlock pattern option to better protect your headset itself or passwords from unwanted users physically using your account. Similarly, the option to save and autofill passwords in the browser has been implemented, meaning you will no longer be required to input each yourself. You can even use the unlock pattern to protect your saved passwords.

As for when the update will arrive, the announcement blog post has mentioned that it will be rolling out gradually, and says to "keep an eye out in the coming weeks".

Upcoming Oculus update makes it even easier to play with friends

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