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Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game has been delayed until later this year

Due to "circumstances beyond our control", the chaotic title is being delayed so as to make the best game possible.

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House House - developer of Untitled Goose Game - has published a post on Twitter revealing the bad news that we will have to wait until later this year to get our hands on their unique title.

The reasoning behind the delay was quoted as "circumstances beyond our control", however, the quippy video that accompanied the post showed that the reason was due to the Goose itself stealing the "early" part of the "coming early 2019".

The developer also stated that "this means we'll be able to make the best goose game possible" before saying that they still plan on getting "this goose" out as soon as they can.

Untitled Goose Game was revealed by House House on their Twitter in 2017 with a scheduled 2018 release window, and the game will see you take control of a "horrible" goose and hassle some humans.

Are you still excited for Untitled Goose Game?

Untitled Goose Game

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